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Libya’s HSC calls for severing ties with nations that support Israel

The High Council of State in Libya issued a strong statement on Thursday, urging the severing of ties with nations that support Israel’s bombardment and blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The assembly, based in Tripoli and functioning as a senate, also called for a halt in oil exports to countries backing the Israeli offensive and a boycott of their products.

While the statement did not explicitly name any specific countries, it emphasized the Libyan people’s unwavering support for their Palestinian brothers and their determination to see Palestine liberated from the oppressive Israeli occupation.

During an extraordinary session held in Tripoli, lawmakers discussed strategies to provide urgent humanitarian and relief aid to the people of Gaza. Recognizing the dire situation faced by Gaza’s 2.3 million residents, who are grappling with severe shortages of food, water, medicine, and fuel, the assembly expressed concern that the aid convoys allowed into Gaza have been insufficient to meet the overwhelming needs of the population.

In a separate development, the Libyan Parliament also called for a suspension of oil exports to nations supporting the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. This move highlights the country’s firm stance against the Israeli offensive and its commitment to standing in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has resulted in a devastating loss of life, with over 8,400 casualties, including at least 7,028 Palestinians and 1,400 Israelis. The ongoing bombardment campaign by Israel was triggered by a cross-border attack by Hamas into Israeli territory on October 7th.

As the situation continues to escalate, it is imperative for the international community to address the urgent humanitarian needs of the people in Gaza and work towards a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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