Thursday , 29 February 2024


Libya’s bungled oil deal

Libya’s current dysfunction is more Orwellian than most realize. The so-called unity government, aka the Government of National Accord (GNA), is not actually a union of the country’s main militias. Nor does it geographically represent the country by combining power centers. It draws almost exclusively on Misratan and Tripolitanian powerbrokers.

The real reason the EU can’t stop human smuggling from Libya

The European Union is taking steps to beef up its struggling efforts against human smuggling and trafficking from Libya, but until the country is politically stable, the changes aren’t likely to be sufficient. Summary⎙ Print The EU’s Operation Sophia has so far failed to stop the smuggling of people from …

NATO arranges for a decision to intervene in Libya

European sources said that some members of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are closely thinking about military intervention to strike terrorism strongholds inside Libya, in the wake of Libyan political factions’ inability to form government approved by the international community, despite the international community’s decision based on the outcomes of …

Libyan journalists: torture, displacement and raping

The Arabic newspaper, Al-Araby Al-Jadid, published a report, and LIBYAPROSPECT is translating here, tackling journalists’ statues inside Libya after the 17th February revolution. It said that after the revolution, a lot of TV stations, radio and newspapers were launched in Libya, so freedom space increased after decades of sole speech. …