Thursday , 28 October 2021
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Growing calls for dissolution of Parliament following no-confidence vote for transitional government

Libyan activists are calling for mass protests across the country to denounce a decision by the east-based Tobruk Parliament that passed a vote of no confidence in the country’s transitional government.

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Aldabaiba bullish in continuing in government until delivery of elections – attacks the evil obstructers who want war and destruction

Reacting to the vote-of-no-confidence earlier in the day at two separate public events yesterday, Prime Minister Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba came out fighting with several bullish statements attempting – and to an extent succeeding – to turn public opinion (even further) against parliament (the House of Representatives – HoR).

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Libyan government lost confidence because it initiated long term agreements and deviated from agreed upon tasks: HoR Spokesperson

The reason the Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba Libyan government lost yesterday’s parliamentary (House of Representatives – HoR) vote-of-no-confidence was that it deviated from its tasks, HoR Official Spokesperson Abdalla Belheeg said yesterday.

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