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From Syria to Libya: Inside the booming drugs trade thriving on regional chaos

An investigation by Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, The New Arab’s Arabic-language sister publication, has shed light on a drug-smuggling network between Syrian and Libyan ports led by a convicted criminal with dual nationality who works in eastern Libya with the support of Khalifa Haftar’s allies.

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US ‘diplomatic muscle’ can boost Libyan transition, says former UN Envoy Stephanie Williams

Stephanie Williams, the former acting UN Envoy to Libya, explains the background and prospects for the UN-mediated political transition in Libya; the roles of the US, Turkey, and Russia in the diplomatic process; whether Gen. Khalifa Hifter is strengthened by the unity agreement; and the prospects for elections in December …

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Interior Minister denies Tunisia’s claims about terrorists’ presence in Libya’s Al-Watiya AB

The Libyan Interior Minister Khaled Mazen has denied the Tunisian claims that there are terrorists in Al-Watiya airbase (AB), urging in a letter to the Head of the Interpol Office for a reply to Tunisian authorities that such a claim is baseless.

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Libyan HoR summons government for questioning on August 30

The spokesman for the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) Abdullah Blehiq said the HoR will summon the Government of National Unity for questioning on August 30, adding in a Facebook post that the step is triggered by a letter filed by MPs containing remarks on the government’s performance: something the …

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