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Making Libya’s next election count

On December 24, Libyans are scheduled to head to the polls for the first round of a presidential election that has been years in the making. The vote comes after decades of dictatorship, civil war, and, more recently, a period of exasperating uncertainty. But for the results to be widely …

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Africa Intelligence: Italy to hold conference on Libya; date not set yet

Africa Intelligence said that following Emmanuel Macron and Paris, it’s Rome that will have to organise the next international conference dedicated to Libya, adding that the date of this conference, which will take place under the leadership of Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, has not yet been set and is …

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Gadhafi’s son shakes up Libyan elections

Saif al-Islam Gadhafi, late leader Moammar Gadhafi’s second son and once heir, will run in Libya’s Dec. 24 presidential elections. The High National Election Commission (HNEC) objected to his application, but a court in the southern city of Sabha reinstated him on Dec. 2, rejecting HNEC’s appeal.

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Libyans face uncertainty over landmark elections just days before polls scheduled to open

Eight days before Libyans were meant to cast presidential votes, there is utter confusion over the fate of an election that has not yet been formally delayed but that even an electoral official now says will be impossible to hold on time.

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