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Former US official says it is likely to accuse other Libyans of Lockerbie bombing and bring them for investigation

John Bellinger, former legal adviser to the US State Department, has said that the arrest of the Libyan citizen, Abu Agila Masud Al-Maryami, “may not be the final chapter” in the Lockerbie bombing case, as it is likely that more information will be revealed about the attack, and it may …

Amnesty International to Libya: Hold commanders of Tariq Ben Zeyad armed group accountable for ‘catalogue of horrors’

An unrelenting crisis of impunity in Libya has enabled fighters of the Tariq Ben Zeyad (TBZ) armed group to commit war crimes, and other crimes under international law, with the aim of crushing any challenge to the Libyan Arab Armed Forces (LAAF), the de facto authorities controlling vast swathes of …