Thursday , 17 June 2021
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Amazighs reject Constitutional Committee ahead of elections, plan own parliament.

The Amazigh Supreme Council today declared in Tripoli its total rejection of the Constitutional Committee to be elected tomorrow and any constitution it devises. It announced that it plans instead to hold its own elections for a parliament for the Amazigh. No date was given.

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Support for Congress rallies as second non-coup in a week is condemned

Life continued in Tripoli as normal today as leaders from across the political landscape and revolutionaries alike today lined up to support the General National Congress after yesterday’s ultimatum to its members from the Qaaqaa and Sawaiq brigades to resign within five hours or be arrested.

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Congress members given ultimatum to resign or “be arrested”

There was confusion at the General National Congress this evening after it was announced on TV that Zintan’s Qaqaa and Sawaiq brigades had issued an ultimatum to its members to resign by 10 pm or be arrested.  Members and staff are reported to have left the Congress building but there was …

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