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Libya's Glimpse of Hope

Libya is in a sorry state. Fighting continues at the extremist-controlled international airport in Tripoli, which the Libyan air force attacked last week. City centers are still embroiled in conflict, and earlier this month, the country’s Supreme Court dissolved the country’s internationally recognized parliament. Now, two rival prime ministers are …

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Special Representative for Libya Bernardino Leon in Telephone Call with PM Abdullah al-Thinni

25 November 2014 –Against the backdrop of the dangerous escalation in military operations in Libya and on-going UN mediation efforts to contain the situation, on 25 November SRSG Leon spoke by phone to Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni, Head of Libya’s interim government. The two discussed possible options for ending armed …

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Libya: Editor’s Harsh Conviction Blow to Free Speech

(Beirut) – A Libyan criminal court’s imposition of a five-year prison term on Al-Ummah newspaper editor Amara al-Khatabi for allegedly defaming public officials is a serious blow to free speech that should not be allowed to stand.

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Still searching for a cure for Libya

It’s an unanswerable question, but when the disease was Gaddafi’s brutal tyranny in Libya, when the cure was a revolution actively supported by international air strikes and when the outcome is now a failed state offering a new launch-pad for Islamist extremists, it’s a question which has – at least …

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