Friday , 28 January 2022
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Politics by other means – Conflicting Interests in Libya's security sector

This paper examines the rise and fall of hybrid security sector institutions in Libya, and the political interests at stake in security sector reform. It charts the evolution of the Libyan army, the SSC, and the LSF, as well as their interaction with the transitional authorities. The paper thereby contributes to an understanding of …

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Masoud Erhuma appointed as Defence Minister

The Prime Minister has has appointed Brigadier-General Masoud Erhuma as Libya’s new Defence Minister. The post was left unfilled when the new cabinet was finally approved by the HoR last month. Abdullah Al-Thinni who had held onto the portfolio when appointed temporary Prime Minister in March by the former General National Congress …

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How we are failing Libya

Three years ago, on October 23, the defeat of forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi was celebrated across Libya after he had been captured and killed and Sirte had fallen.

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