Monday , 5 December 2022
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Libyan Political Dialogue Participants Agree in Principle to Move Dialogue to Libya

Participants in the UN-facilitated Libyan political dialogue have discussed during their meeting in Geneva this week the venue for holding the future talks. There was agreement on the principle of convening future dialogue sessions in Libya, provided that logistical and security conditions are available.

Hardline Hassi claims US coming to the rescue

The head of the “government” appointed by the rump General National Congress and supported by Libya Dawn, Omar Al-Hassi, has claimed that the US Justice Department and his administration are collaborating on humanitarian reconstruction in Libya. As a result, he said, the US would be sending food, medical supplies and …

Algeria: Coordination between three neighbouring countries to prevent oil smuggling

Three states neighbouring Libya have begun coordinated security operations to prevent the smuggling of oil and its derivatives through land and sea, which is considered one of the most important financing resources for armed groups in the country, Anadolu Agency reported.

Revealed: how Blair colluded with Gaddafi regime in secret

Tony Blair wrote to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to thank him for the “excellent cooperation” between the two countries’ counter-terrorism agencies following a period during which the UK and Libya worked together to arrange for Libyan dissidents to be kidnapped and flown to Tripoli, along with their families.