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Special envoys to Libya agree to closer coordination in support of Leon

In a joint statement, the Special Envoys for Libya from the African Union, the Arab League, the European Union and eight governments have reiterated their full support for the mediation in Libya by United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Bernardino Leon.

Libya: Is Military Intervention in Libya the Answer?

Three years after the toppling of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, Libya is far from the democratic state many had envisioned and hoped for. Instead the country finds itself fragmented into an alarming number of armed groups, raising fears of a full-scale civil war.

Forthcoming Supreme Court verdict on HoR constitutionality is key: Hassi government Economy Minister

The so-called “National Salvation Government” of Omar Al-Hassi, based in Tripoli but rejected as illegal by the international community, has reached out to the Libya Herald in an effort to communicate its message to English-language readers and the international community. As a result, this newspaper agreed to interview Sliman Allagili, Economy Minister …

Libyan oil – A sticky problem

THE surreal nature of Libya’s politics, with its two prime ministers and two parliaments claiming the right to rule from opposite ends of the country, is encapsulated in the gleaming glass building that houses Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) in the capital, Tripoli. Here Mashallah Zwai, the oil minister appointed …

DCAF Infographic – Libya Transitional Road Map

DCAF has produced an infographic for the transitional process in Libya. It is based on the Constitutional Declaration of 2011 and all subsequent constitutional amendments. All texts are available in both English and Arabic on DCAF’s Libyan legal database, www.security-legislation.ly.