Sunday , 4 June 2023
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Pentagon leak is no surprise: UAE-Russia ties run deep

One item in the latest Pentagon leak reviewed by the Associated Press suggests that American spies caught Russian intelligence officers boasting that they had convinced their Emirati counterparts to work together against US and UK intelligence agencies – quite an allegation against one of the closest partners of Washington and …

Relapsing into deadlock: Libya’s recurring government splits and international recognition dilemmas

In Libya, domestic authority fractures have become a constant in the midst of a fluid conflict. The practices of international recognition of governments pursued since 2011 have faced dilemmas stemming from three dichotomies: international vs domestic recognition; legitimacy vs effectiveness; and coherence vs inclusivity in conflict mediation and peacemaking.

Libyan Parliament approves new law regulating General Intelligence Service’s operations

The Libyan parliament has approved a new law regulating the operations of the General Intelligence Service. The law was approved by the House of Representatives and referred to the head of the General Intelligence Service to put it into practice. The new law goes by the number 8 of 2023 …