Thursday , 4 June 2020
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Military vehicles loaded in Tobruk Port for Haftar forces

A Saudi-owned ship landed in Tobruk port during the last few days; confirmed information revealed it is brought from United Arab Emirate (UAE). The ship was loaded with 600 military vehicles, and more than 50 armored personal carriers, the cargo supposed to arrive in a military camp called Emdad, affiliated …

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Political chaos in Libya as unity government enters Tripoli

It has been an eventful week in Libyan politics; within days the country has gone from having two rival governments to three, with the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) moving into Tripoli. Soon thereafter, it was back to two as the Tripoli-based National Salvation Government (NSG) declared that it …

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Final report of the Panel of Experts on Libya provides grim reading

The 215-page final report of the UN Panel of Experts on Libya to the President of the Security Council was released recently. The report provided grim reading on the situation in Libya.

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UN: Violations of Libya arms embargo increasing

A United Nations report has blamed multiple countries, companies, and individuals for sending weapons to rival militant factions in Libya in violation of an international arms embargo on the divided country. Among those involved in breaking the arms ban are two US companies, an Italian broker working with a Libyan …

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