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Hafter appoints southern security committee

Khalifa Haftar, The head of the Libyan National Army has appointed an 11-man committee to negotiate with tribes and elders in the south of the country, Fezzan, to end the instability there. The committee, made up of southerners, is also charged with creating a united army out of the various …

10 آلاف عسكري جزائري لمكافحة “الإرهاب” على حدود ليبيا

قال مصدر أمني جزائري إن قوة من الجيش قوامها 10 آلاف عسكري بدأت عملية تمشيط واسعة عبر سلسلة جبلية تقع على الحدود مع ليبيا، بحثاً عن عناصر “إرهابية”، وكذا تأمين موسم السياحة الصحراوية الذي انطلق مطلع الشهر الجاري.

Algeria to reopen borders with Libya

Algeria is keen on reopening all land borders with Libya in the few coming days, Algerian Al-Khabar newspaper has reported, pointing out that the Algerian government has already begun with the technical preparations necessary for the reopening. The borders have been closed for a year and a half now for security reasons.

Tuareg and Tebu fight proxy battle in southwest Libya

Ubari and Ghat, Libya – Fierce fighting between indigenous Tuareg and Tebu tribes in the isolated Saharan town of Ubari, near Libya’s lucrative southern oil fields and vast frontier with Algeria, Niger, and Chad, has entered its 10th bloody month.