Wednesday , 7 June 2023
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Tension rises in south Libya amid clashes with Chadian groups

The Mayor of Al-Sharqiyah municipality in southern Libya, Immhimmed Al-Arabi revealed that the battalions in the south gave the Chadian opposition groups stationed at the HQ of the Chinese company in the area until Wednesday to evacuate the site, stressing the continuation of the meetings of the committees formed within …

Hafter launches Murzuq Basin military campaign in south

Khalifa Hafter, in his role as General Commander of the predominantly eastern-based Libyan National Army (LNA) launched military operation Murzuq Basin to “eliminate gangs, terrorist and criminals, that have been kidnapping and robbing in the south of the country”.

Kufra tribes gather for peace and vow support to LNA

At Kufra’s Taj Conference Hall yesterday morning, Kufra’s tribes gathered with the town’s officials, including the head of Kufra Municipality, Abdulrahman Agoub and commander of Kufra Military Zone, Brigadier Belgasim Al Abaj, to congratulate the arrival of Khalifa Hafter to Libya and to look to strengthening social cohesion and enforce …