Tuesday , 26 September 2023
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Italian ambassador says Hafter must be part of solution to Libya crisis

Italian ambassador Giuseppe Perrone has confirmed Italy’s view that the commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Khalifa Hafter, has to be part of the solution to the Libyan crisis. He also stressed the LNA’s importance in the fight against terrorism in the country. He was speaking as Hafter was in …

HoR member accuses Italy of shooting down Haftar’s helicopter, Italian Embassy finds it ridiculous

The Italian Embassy in Libya has expressed bewilderment about the accusations of the House of Representatives’ member Ibrahim Al-Zaghid, who accused Italy of downing an mi-35 helicopter in Hun, central Libya on Friday.

Libyan army and police must be empowered Kobler tells UN Security Council

Narrow interests drive many of Libya’s armed groups and there must consensus on the future command of a united Libyan army, UN special envoy Martin Kobler has told the Security Council today. Whilst the formation of the Presidential Guard was a positive step, he added, it was merely a transitional …

Heavy clashes in Abu Sleem; shooting spreads to other Tripoli districts

This afternoon clashes erupted in Abu Sleem and Salahedeen districts in Tripoli between the Abu Sleem Central Security Force belonging to Abdul Ghani Al-Kikli (a.k.a. Ghneiwa) and gunmen loyal to Salah Al-Burki, most of them from Misrata. Reports tonight indicate tanks and heavy mortar are being used. There was shooting …