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Is General Hifter becoming Putin’s man in Libya?

When Gen. Khalifa Hifter arrived in Moscow on an unannounced visit in late June, experts interpreted it as yet another attempt to secure an arms-transfer deal with the Kremlin. However, the Russian ambassador to Libya was quick to dismiss the speculation. “Unless the Security Council lifts or at least eases the embargo, …

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Libyan forces close in on Islamic State’s final stronghold

Libyan pro-unity government forces say they have closed in on the Islamic State [IS] group’s final stronghold in the militants’ Mediterranean coastal bastion of Sirte. Fighters allied to the Government of National Accord on Sunday encircled IS in the Ouagadougou conference centre – a huge building the group has made as …

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Amnesty International damns Libyan people-traffickers

Amnesty International is demanding the international community take serious measures to improve the lot of migrants trapped in Libya. It warns that EU cooperation on migrants with the Government of National Accord should not go ahead if it leads directly or indirectly to what it describes as further shocking human …

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Serraj wants united army, admits “aid” from foreign special forces

Prime minister-designate Faiez Serraj has insisted that IS will only be defeated in Libya if there is a unified army, made up of military forces from all over the country. He has also confirmed the presence of foreign special forces in the fight against the terrorists.

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