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UK troops ‘operating from French-led Libyan base aiding renegade general’

British forces have based themselves in a French-led multinational military operations centre in Benghazi supporting renegade Libyan general Khalifa Haftar, according to reports in Arabic media and sources within Libya. The centre, which was set up in December and began operating in February, also houses teams from Italy, Jordan and the UAE, …

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Shocking murders expose Libyan government’s weakness

On June 10, Libyans awoke to yet another horrific event — news of the shooting deaths of 12 men whose bodies were then disposed of at different locations around Tripoli. What actually happened and who is to blame remains far from clear. Emerging details suggest the same old pattern of armed militias claiming nominal loyalty to the government …

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Libya’s opposition government declares martial law in the east

AP reports that the Tobruk-based opposition government in Libya declared martial law in areas within its control. The Tobruk-based opposition government is in conflict with the UN-backed, Tripoli-based national unity government. The eastern government is facing increasing international pressure to fold and recognize the national unity government as the official …

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PC condemns Ajdabiya attack, HoR declares military zone from Tobruk to Ben Jawed

Responding to yesterday’s attack on the industrial zone in Ajdabiya by militants from the “Benghazi Defence Brigades”, the Presidency Council in Tripoli has condemned it while the House of Representatives (HoR) in Tobruk has declared a state of emergency, putting the entire area from Tobruk to Ben Jawad under military …

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Under siege in central Sirte IS strikes back with suicide attacks

Forces loyal to Libya’s Unity government said they have consolidated a siege around Islamic State fighters in Sirte, in preparation for the “final battle” to take the jihadi stronghold. Pushed back into a 15 to 20 square km area in central Sirte, the Islamic State Group is meanwhile scaling up …

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