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Libya unity government makes anti-IS advances as French pen $500m oil deal

Fighters allied with Libya’s UN-backed unity government have captured a coastal town from the Islamic State (IS) group in an advance towards its bastion Sirte, a spokesman said on Tuesday. The Petroleum Facilities Guard overran Bin Jawad, some 150km east from Sirte, as they thrust westwards along the Mediterranean coast from …

Two months on from Serraj’s Tripoli arrival Libyans still live in fear and little hope

On the 30th March this year the much heralded arrival from Tunis of Faiez Serraj and his Presidency Council (PC) finally happened. The arrival brought with it much hope and anticipation for Libyans living in a state of limbo since the summer of 2014 when GNC-backed militias led by Salah …

Pro unity government forces advance on IS-held Sirte

Forces aligned with Libya’s UN-backed unity government said they have killed a key Islamic State operative and advanced on Sirte, seizing two new checkpoints in a battle which left 30 IS militants dead. Operation Al-Bunyan al-Marsus or “Compact Building” announced the killing of “internationally-wanted” IS chef Khalid al-Shayeb – an Algerian better known …

Hafter’s LNA warn GNA that they are only 10 KM away from imminent liberation of Tripoli

The Libyan National Army (LNA) has warned that it is only 10 KM from Tripoli and that it will be liberating Tripoli soon. The LNA has warned that it would be liberating Tripoli a number of times since the capital’s occupation by militias in the summer of 2014.