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Intervening better: Europe’s second chance in Libya

On Monday, foreign ministers from Europe, the Middle East and the US will gather in Vienna to discuss how to support Libya. A new paper from ECFR argues that the West’s focus on fighting ISIS only adds to the chaos, as some countries back factions that oppose the new government. …

Misrata Operations Chamber starts military preparations

Misrata Operations Chamber issued, late Saturday, confirming that it started preparations to defend “the country and religion from Khawarij and Takfiris,” referring to the Islamic State groups (IS). The statement said that “the chamber formed under the Libyan army supreme command has begun preparations to defend our nation and religion …

Cash-strapped IS sells chickens and eggs to raise funds in Libya

Libya’s economic crisis is hitting the Islamic State (IS) group, forcing fighters to sell chickens and eggs in the streets, and reintroduce withdrawn Gaddafi-era banknotes to shore up their finances. According to former residents from the IS stronghold of Sirte, militants have implemented rental and taxation systems, with a side-line in poultry.

Libyan government, parliament enter into standoff

Many Libya experts expected the arrival of Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli to trigger violence between militias supporting it and those opposing it, but nothing serious has yet occurred. The government, brokered by the United Nations and headed by Fayez al-Sarraj, has installed itself with minimum trouble. …