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Libya: A tale of two governments

More than four years since the start of Libya’s revolution, the country’s two competing governments are entangled in a violent, nationwide power struggle, targeting Libya’s lucrative oil sector, which produces most of the country’s wealth, and other valuable assets, such as airports and borders.

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Rival Libyan PM rejects dismissal

The Prime Minister of Libya’s rival Tripoli-based government Omar Al-Hassi has said he will not accept his dismissal unless his “revolutionary partners” agree. Hassi was dismissed on Tuesday by the parliament in the capital – the General National Congress (GNC). Parliamentary spokespeople said the move came after it received reports …

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Liberation of Tripoli was disrupted, admits Thinni

At the end of last week and earlier this week military activity intensified in the western region of Greater Tripolitania between the controlling GNC-Libya Dawn forces and the forces of the Libyan National Army (LNA), the army of the only internationally recognized parliament in Libya, the House of Representatives (HoR).

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Libya: What went wrong since 2011?

ECFR Policy Fellow, Mattia Toaldo, speaks to journalist and analyst Mary Fitzgerald, and Libyan politician Guma El-Gamaty about the lessons that have been learned in 2011 and whether international intervention in Libya would be a good idea.

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Libya: UN mission welcomes ceasefire, withdrawal of forces in Sidra Oil Crescent region

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has today welcomed the ceasefire and the withdrawal of forces from the Sidra Oil Crescent area, a move which follows weeks of mediation efforts between parties.

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