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Arrest of 131 Egyptian migrants in east Libya points to migration network funneling into militant groups

One-hundred and thirty-one Egyptian irregular migrants have been arrested in the east Libyan city of Baydan over the last three weeks, according to the director of the city’s police station.

To Stabilize Libya, Redistribute Oil Revenue

Debate over Libya currently focuses on whether elections should be held in advance of a political agreement or to move forward in the absence of one. This debate is irrelevant. There are no governments or political leaders in Libya with the authority to conclude a political agreement that militias will …

NOC confirms ‘‘significant damage’’ of Harouge oil storage tanker, calls for end to militia fighting in oil crescent

Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) confirmed over the weekend that crude oil storage tank No. 12 belonging to the Harouge Oil Company in Ras Lanuf has been ‘‘significantly damaged’’ as a result of the fighting between the Khalifa Hafter-led Libyan National Army (LNA) and its local allies in the Ras …