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NATO could conduct military action in Libya, Al-Ghasri says

The Spokesman of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos forces and the UN-proposed government’s Defense Ministry, Brigadier General Mohammed Al-Ghasri, has revealed that there could be some sort of military operation by NATO in Libya.

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‘Daesh are back and want revenge’: The fall and rise of IS in Libya

Libyans have described their fears of an emboldened Islamic State reasserting itself in vast swathes of lawless territory, as the group seeks to re-establish a new power base after the fall of Mosul in Iraq and ongoing operations to end its control of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor in Syria.

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Intelligence official: ISIS receives local and international support

ISIS fugitives in Libya are receiving national and international support, Chief of Military Intelligence of Al-Bonyan Al-Masrous Operation, Brig. Gen Mohammed Ganaidi, has revealed, adding that the military vehicles that the radical group is using around Sirte now had been imported from a Gulf state.

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How Islamic State is undermining peace prospects in Libya

The Islamic State (IS) reappeared in Libya almost a year after it was ousted from its stronghold of Sirte on the Mediterranean coast. In a video clip released Aug. 28 by IS’ Amaq news agency, two fighters appeared at an ad hoc checkpoint on the highway heading south of Sirte toward Jufra. In …

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OUT OF THE INFERNO? Rebuilding Security in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Yemen

Without a pre-defined security plan, no political authority is likely to control the countries living in fragmented security and political orders in the MENA region, says the Arab Reform Initiative in a new book, urging for the adoption of cooperative security as a way out of the conflicts of the …

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UN says migrants in Libya subjected to ‘extreme violence’

The United Nations called for the immediate release of the most vulnerable migrants held in Libya on Monday, many of whom have been subjected to appalling human rights abuses including “extreme violence.”

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