Sunday , 19 September 2021
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How to Stop Libya’s Collapse

More robust U.S. diplomacy is urgently needed in Libya, not just to halt Haftar’s destructive campaign but to salvage U.S. credibility in a region marked by multipolarity and increasing defiance of the West.

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Libya: GNA considers boycotting countries supporting Haftar, focusing on Egypt and UAE

At any time, the UN Security Council is scheduled to hold an emergency session, today, Monday, in response to a request submitted by the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA).

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Tripoli Military College attack conducted by Wing Loong, Volcano of Rage Operation declares

The Media Office of the Volcano of Rage Operation said that preliminary data gathered, after examining the remnants of the missile that struck the Military College in Tripoli on Saturday night, indicates that it is a Blue Arrow 7 Ba-7 type launched by a Chinese-made Wing Loong drone, provided by …

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Two Russian firms join Wagner Group in supplying Haftar with mercenaries

The New Arab newspaper reported that a Russian Air Force jet had transported Russian mercenaries from a private military firm in Russia, just like Wagner Group, from Syria to Libya as per coordination between Moscow and Khalifa Haftar under the supervision of UAE and Egypt.

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