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Italian lawmakers: Russian mercenaries concerning turning point in Libya’s conflict

Italian Parliament members from the governing party have warned that hundreds of Russian mercenaries fighting for Khalifa Haftar’s forces in Libya constitute a concerning turning point in the conflict and damage national reconciliation efforts before the international conference in Berlin.

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Libyan High Council of State urges for boycotting, suing of countries supporting Haftar

Libya’s High Council of State has called on the country’s UN-recognized Government of National Accord to boycott and sue countries, especially the UAE, that support a military offensive by eastern Libyan forces of Khalifa Haftar against the Tripoli-based government.

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Arrival of Russian mercenaries adds deadlier firepower, modern tactics to Libya’s civil war

Hundreds of Russian mercenaries, many highly trained and well-armed, are fighting alongside renegade Libyan commander Khalifa Hifter as he seeks to oust the country’s United Nations-backed government, according to Libyan military commanders and fighters, as well as U.S. military and other Western officials.

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One civilian killed, others injured in attacks by Haftar’s forces on Tripoli’s Salah Al-Deen neighborhood

Indiscriminate shelling by Khalifa Haftar’s forces on Salah Al-Deen neighborhood in southern Tripoli injured a child and several civilians and shut down an elementary school, eyewitnesses said, adding that the shells fell on a house and nearby the school.

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