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Tunisia returns Russian military equipment seized en route to Libya’s Haftar

The Tunisian authorities have decided to return Russian military equipment which was seized en route to the renegade Libyan General Khalifa Haftar, reported on Friday. The goods were discovered when a Panamanian-registered ship called into the Tunisian port of Sfax for repairs.

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How can Libya be stabilised?

Over the past week, fighting in the streets of the Libyan capital Tripoli killed 26, including 15 civilians. Clashes erupted between the Seventh Brigade from the town of Tarhouna and two Tripoli-based militias, the Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigades and the Nawasi over the distribution of resources.

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Al-Sirraj appoints military officers to end Libyan capital’s clashes

The Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj appointed the commanders of central and western military zones Mohammed Al-Haddad and Osama Al-Juwaili respectively to oversee the ceasefire in southern Tripoli along with making sure the vehicles are withdrawn and all military locations are handed over to the official forces in …

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Badi: We are ready to enter Tripoli to fight corruption

The commander of Al-Somoud Brigade, Salah Badi, announced, Tuesday night, that he is in Tripoli to rescue its inhabitants and save them from the humiliation. Badi, who has appeared on a video clip, said that he would fight the responsible for corruption and their supporters.

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