Tuesday , 22 June 2021
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A Libyan Strongman Looks to Washington, but a Health Crisis Looms

Now, as he aims to consolidate and expand his power, he is looking to woo the Trump administration. In December, he hired a firm of Washington lobbyists to burnish his image as a potential future leader of his country, and to counter critics who denounce him as a crude warlord.

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Libya: Permanent Limbo or Refreshed Hope?

The situation in Libya seems irrevocably stalled. The internationally recognized government headed by Fayez al-Sarraj in Tripoli and the Abdullah al Thinni government in al Beida—supported by the legitimately elected parliament of 2014, now residing in Tobruk—are as distant as ever.

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CDA member: If HoR prolonged decision to make referendum on Libya constitution, we will find legal alternatives

The member of the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) Nadia Omran said there are legal alternatives that don’t go at odds with the constitutional declaration, pointing out that they will be in use if the House of Representatives (HoR) fails to issue a law for a referendum on the constitution.

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