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Through the strains: a viable roadmap for Libya?

Six years after Qaddafi’s death, the Libyan crisis has not been solved. The country continues to be divided between a parliament (and executive) in Tobruk and a Presidential Council (headed by Fayez al-Serraj) in Tripoli that is backed by the United Nations.

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Libyan elections will be held in 2018 only if conditions are right: Salame

Libya Herald’s Co-founder and Managing Editor Sami Zaptia was invited by the organizers of the Rome 2017 Mediterranean Dialogues (29 November to 2 December) to interview in front of a live audience Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN (SRSG) and UNSMIL head Ghassan Salame. The interview was …

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Chance for Libya elections as ‘international interference’ declines, UN envoy says

United Nations Libya envoy Ghassan Salame on Saturday urged the war-torn country to seize an opportunity to forge its own path forward towards elections next year as “international interference” declines in the country.

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Sudanese Justice and Equality militias given free pass by pro-Haftar officials in southern Libya

Forces loyal to the Presidential Council said they had found documents at the pro-Khalifa Haftar military governor of the southern region that demand facilitation for the movement of Sudanese Justice and Equality militias between Al-Jufra and Sabha.

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