Sunday , 28 February 2021
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ICC renews call for surrendering Libyan east-based serial killer Al-Werfalli

The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) prosecutor Fatou Bensouda has called on the commander of Dignity Operation Khalifa Haftar to surrender Captain Mahmoud Al-Werfalli who works at the Saiqa Force to Libyan judicial authorities who shall later transfer him to The Hague.

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Usama Juwaili and Zintani forces takes Aziziya

Forces under the control of Major-General Usama Juwaili, commander of the Presidency Council’s western military zone, have taken control of Aziziya, the main town in the Wirshefana district of Jafara west of Tripoli. It happened overnight following a six-day military operation in the area by Juwaili, supported by Imad Trabulsi, head …

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Can Libya Put the Cart Before the Horse?

In the wake of the Security Council’s renewal of the United Nations (UN) mission in Libya (UNSMIL) in September, a sequel to UN-led mediation efforts directed by a new Special Representative of the Secretary General is underway in Libya. It once again hopes to reach an agreement among the main …

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