Wednesday , 20 October 2021
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Libya’s Haftar Comes Out on Top

Diplomatic efforts aimed at ending the chaos that has prevailed in Libya since 2011 have legitimized Khalifa Haftar, a former Libyan general whose forces have been accused of torture and executing prisoners, according to the Atlantic Council’s Karim Mezran.

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EU supports Paris meeting

One of the spokespersons of the European Union (EU) told the Italian News Agency (Aki), on Wednesday, that Brussels looks forward to seeing the Libyan factions benefiting from Paris meeting and return to intensive and comprehensive dialogue with specific commitments.

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Libya’s Brotherhood denounces Al-Sarraj, Haftar’s Paris meeting

The Libyan Justice and Construction Party, the political arm of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, has criticised the meeting between the head of the Libyan Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj and Khalifa Haftar, the Commander of the Forces of the House of Representatives (HoR), held in Paris. The party considers any meeting …

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Justice and Construction Party rejects France-sponsored meeting of Fayaz Sirraj and Khalifa Haftar

Justice and Construction Party, one of Libyan Political Agreement signatories, has rejected the outcome of Paris meeting between the head of UN-installed Presidential Council Fayaz Al-Sirraj and chief of Dignity Operation Khalifa Haftar.

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Serraj and Siala head to Paris for Hafter talks as France moves to calm Italian worries about its intentions

Presidency Council head Faiez Serraj and his foreign minister Mohamed Siala were said this evening to have arrived in Paris for tomorrow’s talks with Libyan National Army head Field Marshal Khalifa Hafter. Reports that Hafter has been in the French capital for the past day or so cannot be confirmed, …

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