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5+5 JMC calls on UNSC to oblige members to remove mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libya, demining to start from 10 February

Meeting for a seventh round at its permanent base in Sirte from 4-7 February, the 5+5 Joint Military Commission called on the UN Security Council to follow up on the Berlin conference outcomes by obliging member states to withdraw foreign mercenaries and fighters immediately from Libya.

Preventing partition: The case against a diplomatic band-aid in Libya

As the civil war in Libya approaches the decade mark, many in the international community and certain segments of Libyan society have started to look for seemingly simple solutions to end the conflict. One of the solutions that has started to gain traction is the potential partitioning of Libya into …

UN panel of experts on Sudan sheds light on Haftar and Darfur rebels’ links

A report by the UN panel of experts on Sudan, submitted on January 13, revealed links between Khalifa Haftar’s forces in Libya and Darfur rebels in Sudan, adding that the Darfur rebel fighters used to get massive military support from Haftar before entering battlefields in Libya.

Defense Minister urges UK to expand military cooperation with Libya

The Defense Minister of the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) expressed hopes that the UK would expand military cooperation with Libya, especially in training special and anti-terrorism forces, in addition to supporting military medical services with training and equipment.