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Was HoR Speaker kicked out or he withdrew from Haftar’s ceremony, eastern region ponders

The inexplicable absence of the House of Representatives’ Speaker, Aqilah Saleh, from the fancy ceremony of Khalifa Haftar on Tuesday to celebrate the commencement of a new patch from eastern government’s military academy, raised many eyebrows and urged many questions, especially that Saleh arrived in Tocra, the ceremony’s spot, on …

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Operation Dignity celebrates third anniversary for alleged war on terror

Operation Dignity leaders and fighters in eastern Libya, especially in Benghazi, have thrown an anniversary party to celebrate the third year of the operation that saw the destruction of Benghazi, displacement of over half of the city’s population and the killing of huge numbers of residents both civilian and fighters.

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Khalifa Haftar reiterates threat to attack Tripoli; says Libyan political agreement is conspiracy

Renegade General Khalifa Haftar, the commander of Dignity Operation, threatened on Tuesday to launch Benghazi-like war in Tripoli, turning a deaf ear to local and international efforts aimed at bringing stability and peace to Libya.

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Strategic Lessons from the Ejection of ISIS from Sirte

Though accompanied by curiously little fanfare, the Obama administration’s most significant victory against the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, Daesh) came not in Iraq or Syria, but in Libya. After eight months of fighting, the coastal city of Sirte was ‘liberated’ in December 2016, by a coalition of forces allied to …

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Presidency Council angrily denies arms smuggling rumours

The Presidency Council (PC) has angrily denied that it is in any way connected with an arms shipment intercepted by a German warship a fortnight ago. It has warned the media to be credible and professional and not to fall prey to social media rumours.

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