Tuesday , 21 September 2021
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Libya harshly warns EU over Mediterranean operation

The air force commander of Libya’s internationally recognised government has warned European countries that any vessels entering Libyan waters without permission would be targeted by air strikes.

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IS spreads in Libya

In a series of dramatic political and security-related developments last week, the Islamic State (Daesh) affiliate in Libya announced that it had strengthened its hold on the city of Sirte after having gained control of the city airport. Just prior to this, the 166th Brigade, which had been in charge …

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ANALYSIS: Libya peace talks resume but can UN secure a deal?

The latest round of UN-sponsored Libya peace talks kicked off Wednesday, with the UN special envoy hoping to secure a last-ditch deal before the start of Ramadan.

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UN official warns of growing ISIL threat in Libya

A United Nations (UN) official has warned that the growing rise of the Takfiri ISIL terrorist group in Libya will pose a serious security threat if conflicting sides in the North African country do not reach an agreement to end hostilities and the chaotic situation that ISIL is exploiting.

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