Friday , 1 December 2023
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HoR’s Chief of Staff Nazhuri threatens to attack ships approaching oil ports

The House of Representatives’ (HoR) Libyan National Army Chief of Staff, Abdelrazak Nazhuri, warned that any foreign oil tankers approaching the Libyan coast will be targeted by the air force. Nazhuri, who has also been appointed military ruler in the east, said that only oil tankers that had been sanctioned …

PC summons French ambassador over special forces in Benghazi

The Presidency Council has summoned the French ambassador to protest at the presence of French force in Benghazi, according to Ahmed Maetig a PC vice-president. However in Paris today there seemed to be no knowledge of any formal request for the ambassador, Antoine Sivan, to see members of the Serraj …

Expected consequences of French intervention in Libya

France, who always says it supports the political resolution, which rules out any armed intervention, and states that any military action will prolong and deepen the crisis in Libya; is in fact, sending fighting army from its special forces to fight with one of the sides of conflict in Libya.