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Audit Bureau approved LNA salaries pay after representatives announcement to suspend work at JMC, says Spox

The official spokesman of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Major General Ahmed al-Mismari, said that the Audit Bureau sent a letter to the Central Bank of Libya approving the payment of LNA soldiers salaries, day after the statement of the army representatives at the 5+5 Joint Military Committee (JMC).

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Libya’s Audit Bureau upset about NOC’s blockage of oil revenues

The Head of the Libyan Audit Bureau Khalid Shakshak said blocking oil revenues by the National Oil Corporation (NOC) in the last months was unusual and against state laws, adding that they had spoken to the NOC more than once to notify it about the illegal and risky behavior that …

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PC President stress importance of Audit Bureau and Administrative Control Authority work

President of the Libyan Presidential Council (PC), Mohamed al-Menfi, stressed during his meeting on Monday with the Head of the Audit Bureau, Khaled Shakshak, and the Head of the Administrative Control Authority, Suleiman al-Shanti, the importance of the work carried out by the Bureau and the Authority.

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Libya does not yet fully use internationally accepted accounting principles and Audit Bureau is not independent according to international standards: U.S. State Department report

The section in the U.S. State Department ‘‘2021 Fiscal Transparency Report’’ on Libya says internal political and civil conflict has prevented the Libyan government from fully implementing its budget processes, which has adversely affected fiscal transparency and the country’s operations.

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Audit Bureau launches pilot system for inspecting local and overseas state-paid medical bills

The head of the Libyan Audit Bureau Khaled Shakshak met yesterday with several stakeholders at his office to review the results of the trial launch of the pilot system for inspecting local and overseas state medical bills. The system covers both civilian patients and patients wounded in fighting.

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Audit Bureau reveals embezzlement at Rome and Vatican Libyan embassies

The Tripoli-based Libyan Audit Bureau announced Wednesday that it had discovered embezzlement and appropriation of public funds in the Libyan embassies in Rome and the Vatican. It said that the crimes involved officials of the embassies.

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