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Thirteen Libyan political parties and NGOs support HoR’s controversial law to elect Libya’s next head of state

Thirteen Libyan political parties and NGOs released a statement yesterday supporting parliament’s (the House of Representatives – HoR) controversial law to elect Libya’s next head of state at the planned 24 December 2021 elections:

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HoR Interior Committee head calls for listing of foreign organizations operating in Libya

The House of Representatives (HoR) reported yesterday that the head of its Interior (affairs) Committee, Suleiman Al-Harari, called on the Presidency Council, the Cabinet and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to form a committee to list the foreign organizations that are roaming around the country, east, west and south, explaining …

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Amnesty: GNU must not legitimize militias guilty of horrendous atrocities against civilians

Amnesty International has urged the Government of National Unity to oppose the integration of armed militias and organizations into the country’s military forces, describing it as a return to the oppressive Ghaddafi administration. To intimidate critics and opponents, members of the Internal Security Agency (ISA), which is made up of …

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Amnesty International: Libya’s government must not legitimize armed groups

Members of the Internal Security Agency (ISA), a collection of powerful armed groups operating in eastern Libya, have committed harrowing human rights abuses to silence critics and opponents, including detaining them arbitrarily and subjecting them to enforced disappearances and torture, said Amnesty International.

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Two months since abduction of Ajdabiya Red Crescent chief.. NCHRL renews call for his release

The National Committee for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) has urged for a comprehensive investigation into the kidnapping of activist Mansour Atti, the Red Crescent chief of Ajdabiya branch and head of the city’s civil society commission, two months after he was kidnapped from his hometown Ajdabiya by unknown gunmen.

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