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Berlin Process Must Recognise Human Rights and Accountability as Path to Sustainable Peace: LFJL

Ahead of the Second Berlin Conference on Libya on the 23rd of June, human rights NGO Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL), called on all participants to prioritise human rights, accountability and the rule of law and to establish a clear timeline and benchmarks to monitor the progress made by …

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22 Libyan NGOs express concern about the widespread phenomenon of child labour in the country

Twenty-two Libyan non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have expressed concern about the widespread phenomenon of child labour in Libya as a result of armed conflicts, which have resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians, disruption of education, and worsening of the economic and financial crisis.

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Seven things to do by December 24: A human rights roadmap to Libya’s elections

With Libyan national elections, scheduled for 24 December 2021, approaching fast, NGO Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) say in order to guarantee free and fair elections the Libyan authorities, including the new interim Government of National Unity (the GNU), the Presidency Council and the House of Representatives (the HoR), …

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HRW: Draconian Decree Would Restrict Civic Groups in Libya

National elections scheduled for December 2021 make it imperative for Libya’s Government of National Unity to revise or revoke sweeping restrictions on nongovernmental organizations, Human Rights Watch said today. The Presidential Council decree violates Libya’s international obligations to protect basic freedoms.

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Human Rights Solidarity: Deal with EU to curb migrants’ flow doesn’t benefit Libya

The Libyan Human Rights Solidarity organization said the statement of the Foreign Ministry on an agreement with the European Union (EU) to curb the influx of illegal immigrants to Europe via Libyan shores wasn’t in the best interest of Libya.

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Libyan human rights group appeals to GNU to intervene in securing release of Hanan Al-Barassi’s children

The Libyan Crime Watch appealed to the Ministry of Interior of Government of National Unity (GNU) to intervene immediately in the release of Ayman and Hanin Al-Abdali, the son and daughter of the assassinated female lawyer and human rights activist, Hanan Al-Barassi in Benghazi.

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