Monday , 30 January 2023
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The tragedy of Benghazi, Libya’s second city … No one seems willing or able to rebuild it

Much of what was once a charming Italian city, with cafés, art-deco cinema and royal palace, is a smashed ghost town. The courthouse where Libyans rose up against Qaddafi in 2011 is awash with sewage. “Lost homeland”, reads a graffito on a chipped colonnade adorning the old Bank of Rome.

US State Department has trained 350 Libyans on security of airports since 2018

The director of the Department of State’s Bureau of Counterterrorism (CT), Ayhan Avila, said that their program, Libya Aviation and Airport Security (AvSec), trained 350 Libyans in aviation security since its launch in 2018, including 37 women.

40 African migrants caught in human smuggling den in Sabratha west of Tripoli

The Interior Ministry of the Libyan outgoing government said that the Sabratha Security Directorate transferred 40 people of different African nationalities to the Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency, after they were caught in a human smuggling den in the city during the last period.