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FES Report on Libyan petroleum industry profits and fragility

In June, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung published a report entitled ‘Blessing and Curse: Petroleum Profits, Control and Fragility in Libya’, written by Matt Herbert and Emadeddin Badi. The report assessed that Libya’s petroleum wealth fuels both stability and instability – socio-politico fragility, which the report says stems from disputes over political …

Libya’s rival leaders under intense pressure as protests across country grow

Libyan protesters will keep demonstrating until all the ruling elites quit power, they said on Saturday, after rallies in most main cities on Friday culminated in a crowd storming the parliament building in Tobruk and torching parts of it.

Second meeting of UN ceasefire monitors took place 27 to 28 June: UNSMIL

UNSMIL announced Thursday that the second meeting of national and international ceasefire monitors facilitated by UNSMIL took place 27 & 28 June with the participation of two members of the Joint Military Committee (5+5) representing the east and the west.