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450 قتيلاً منذ بدء العمليات في بنغازي

ذكرت مصادر طبية ومسعفون أنَّ 450 شخصًا على الأقل قُتلوا في معارك وأعمال عنف، وإعدامات خارج إطار القانون في بنغازي، منذ بدأ الجيش الليبي وقوات تابعة للواء خليفة حفتر حملتهما لاستعادة المدينة التي وقعت بأيدي التشكيلات المسلحة في نهاية يوليو الماضي.

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Airstrikes on Mitiga Airport: Libyan Dawn threatens counterattack

The airstrikes which hit Tripoli’s Mitiga airport today, Tuesday, at around 8.30 am had minimal physical effect. Two bombs exploded in a grassed area between the runway and the control tower. There was little damage and no casualties as the Libya Herald saw when visiting the site this afternoon. Only a tree, …

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Tackling Human Security Challenges in North-Western Tunisia

This report summarizes the outcomes of a conference on security challenges in Northwestern Tunisia, which was held in April 2014 in Tabarka in the Jendouba governorate. The publication focuses on the following four main topics: Political security and the decentralization that followed the revolution in Tunisia; Economic security and development …

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