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Climate change raises the stakes in Libya’s crisis

Libya’s close proximity to the shores of Italy and Greece and dominating position at the heart of the Mediterranean make it a valuable strategic prize for the power that can exercise influence over it. Yet Libya’s position at the heart of the Mediterranean comes with another concern, which will grow …

HoR members denounce international community’s silence toward Tarhouna mass graves

Several House of Representatives (HoR) said they found it strange that the international community was silent toward the discovery of mass graves in Tarhouna, where just recently five new graves had been unearthed with 25 bodies inside, thus bringing the number of bodies to 220.

UNICEF urges release of all minors in Libyan-based migrant shelters

The Acting Special Representative of UNICEF in Libya, Cristina Brugiolo, called for the immediate release of minors in immigration detention centers in Libya, stressing that UNICEF is ready with its partners to provide technical support, including alternative childcare arrangements for this group.

Russian Foreign Ministry: Our country is not present militarily in Libya

Commenting on reports on the presence of the Russian private military organization “Wagner” in Libya, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated that Russian forces are not stationed in the country and that Moscow does not support any of the parties to the conflict in the country.