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Amnesty: GNU must not legitimize militias guilty of horrendous atrocities against civilians

Amnesty International has urged the Government of National Unity to oppose the integration of armed militias and organizations into the country’s military forces, describing it as a return to the oppressive Ghaddafi administration. To intimidate critics and opponents, members of the Internal Security Agency (ISA), which is made up of …

Libyan Presidential Council instructs military units to follow its orders exclusively

The Libyan Presidential Council instructed all military units in Libya to follow its orders and commands as the “Chief Commander of the Libyan Army” regarding promotion, appointment of military zones’ commanders and other operations.

Amnesty International: Libya’s government must not legitimize armed groups

Members of the Internal Security Agency (ISA), a collection of powerful armed groups operating in eastern Libya, have committed harrowing human rights abuses to silence critics and opponents, including detaining them arbitrarily and subjecting them to enforced disappearances and torture, said Amnesty International.

PM Aldabaiba urges several Ministries to absorb militias into state institutions

In separate letters, Prime Minister Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba directed the Ministries of Economy, Labour, Higher Education, and Youth, to hold cross-conference meetings between the relevant departments of their Ministries with the Committee for Organizing, Absorbing and Integrating militias into state institutions.

Al-Mishri: There’s a fine line between mercenaries and state-agreement forces

The Head of the High Council of State, Khalid Al-Mishri, told the visiting Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi di Maio, on Monday in Tripoli that there should a fine line drawn between the foreign forces that came to Libya based on official agreements with other states and mercenaries.