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Haftar’s militias expels government force heading to Sabha

Identical sources from the southern region said that a force affiliated with the Ministry of Interior, consisting of more than 150 vehicles from the General Administration of Central Support, and the District Support Force, headed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Mahmoud Saeed, had returned to …

The Libya Stabilisation Conference was all talk and little substance

The Libya Stabilisation Conference convened in Tripoli on 21 October without any clear agenda or specific objectives. As a result, there were very few realistic expectations. The one-day event brought together representatives of over 30 countries as well as the African Union, the European Union, the Arab League and the …

Why impunity for war crimes could jeopardise Libya’s road to peace

The first results of a probe from Libya’s Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) commissioned by the UN Human Rights Council, which were released in early October, found evidence of grave violations that possibly include war crimes and crimes against humanity since 2016 in the conflict-stricken North African nation.

Libya hoped its elections could heal the country. Instead, they could make it worse

With Libya still mired in crisis, all eyes are turned towards the elections that are due on 24 December 2021. The international community, which engineered the election timetable as part of its roadmap, is particularly fixated on getting to these polls on time.

Clashes in Libya’s Al-Zawiya city cause damage to oil refinery

Al-Zawiya oil refinery management said Tuesday that armed clashes near the facility night on Monday caused damage to 13 oil materials’ tanks, an electricity generator and lounges’ ceilings, adding that the various damages to different oil materials’ tanks led to massive leakage in oil.