Tuesday , 27 February 2024
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Libya’s eastern Foreign Ministry accuses rival government in Tripoli of using embassies to advocate falsehood

The Interim Government’s Foreign Ministry in eastern Libya has accused the Presidential Council’s government in Tripoli headed by Fayez Al-Sirraj of having some sort of domination on and using embassies abroad to spread false information about Libyans.

PC files complaint to the Security Council against Dignity Operation leadership

Representative of Libya to the United Nations, Mehdi Al-Mujrabi, lodged a complaint before the Security Council on behalf of the Presidential Council’s (PC) government against the so-called General Command of the Eastern Region, concerning the airstrike on El Feel oil field.

From TPF to WRPF: western Libya militias seek to amalgamate

The Tripoli Protection Force (TPF) announced yesterday on its official Facebook page that it will be integrating itself into a new larger coalition to be named the Western Region Protection Force (WRPF). It said that the new entity would be under one unified command.