Friday , 17 September 2021
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New initiative by UN envoy is met with strong criticism by members of High Council of State

Abdul-Rahman Shater, a member of the High Council of State, has declared that the proposal to amend articles that refer to executive powers in the Libyan political agreement submitted by the UN envoy Ghassan Salame excludes the High Council of State, noting that the rejection of this new proposal is …

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Can Libya Put the Cart Before the Horse?

In the wake of the Security Council’s renewal of the United Nations (UN) mission in Libya (UNSMIL) in September, a sequel to UN-led mediation efforts directed by a new Special Representative of the Secretary General is underway in Libya. It once again hopes to reach an agreement among the main …

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Brigades engaged in Wershiffana military operation issue joint statement

The armed forces and different brigades involved in the military operation in Wershiffana district in southwestern Tripoli issued Saturday evening a joint statement saying that their operation comes at the height of unprecedented and systematic criminal activities as well as banditry in the district.

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Al-Hassadi: To defeat terrorism we should deal with its roots

The member of the State Council in Libya, Mansour Al-Hassadi, talks to “LIBYAPROSPECT” about his point of view on the latest unknown air raids that bombarded the city of Derna on 30th of last month.

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