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HoR Speaker: UN-backed Libyan National Conference is a coup against legitimacy

The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Aqila Saleh said Monday that it is unacceptable for the UN-backed Libyan National Conference to replace the HoR because it will be considered as a “coup against legitimacy”.

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Diplomatic crisis with Lebanon over ‘disrespecting Libyan flag’

The diplomatic crisis between Libya and Lebanon intensified on Monday against the backdrop of Lebanese Shia factions, including the Amal movement led by Parliamentary Speaker Nabih Berri, allegedly disrespecting the Libyan flag and attacking Libya’s Embassy in Beirut. The Libyan Government of National Accord announced the cancellation of its participation …

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UN delegate to Libya says current political bodies need replacement

The Head of the UNSMIL, Ghassan Salame, has visited the southern region in Libya for the first time since he replaced the German Martin Kobler in June 2017 to discuss the current issues in the region. 

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Exploiting the Achievements of the Libyan Political Agreement

The conference on Libya held in Palermo, Italy last November saw neither the rising of a new dawn in terms of security and political consensus nor the development of a strong agreement around a well-defined plan. Instead, what emerged was the reiteration by all the Libyan and European delegations of …

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West ‘risks helping political hijack of Libya’s peace talks’

Libya risks losing its final chance to find a peaceful solution to four years of deadlock because political parties backed by the west are plotting to hijack crucial talks, a former Libyan diplomat has told the UN.

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Security threats lead to evacuation of several headquarters in Libya’s capital

Security apparatuses in Libya’s capital Tripoli evacuated on Thursday morning the High Council of State’s (HCS) headquarters at Radisson Blu hotel and the HCS’s secretary office in Tariq Al-Sikka over reports of a security threat, sources from the HCS told The Libya Observer.

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