Sunday , 5 December 2021
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The Supreme Court Decision That's Ripping Libya Apart

Today, Libya’s Supreme Court has declared the country’s internationally recognized and democratically elected House of Representatives illegal and unconstitutional. Boycotting Islamist and Misratan members of the House of Representative and Islamist members of the former legislature (the General National Congress, or GNC), lodged the legal challenge against the new legislature …

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BREAKING NEWS: Supreme Court rules HoR illegal

The Supreme Court has issued an unexpected judgement in the dispute over the constitutionality of the House of Representatives.  It has decided that proceedings of the General National Congress’ so-called February Committee, which created the GNC’s replacement, the House of Representatives, were unconstitutional.  Therefore this summer’s election and the representatives chosen to form the new …

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Libya parliament to mediate between feuding Ubari tribes

Libyan Parliament Speaker Aguilah Saleh said an ongoing visit by a number of lawmakers to the southwestern town of Ubari was aimed at ending weeks of deadly fighting between two feuding tribes, stressing that parliament would not stand idly by as tribal conflicts continued.

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Forthcoming Supreme Court verdict on HoR constitutionality is key: Hassi government Economy Minister

The so-called “National Salvation Government” of Omar Al-Hassi, based in Tripoli but rejected as illegal by the international community, has reached out to the Libya Herald in an effort to communicate its message to English-language readers and the international community. As a result, this newspaper agreed to interview Sliman Allagili, Economy Minister …

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DCAF Infographic – Libya Transitional Road Map

DCAF has produced an infographic for the transitional process in Libya. It is based on the Constitutional Declaration of 2011 and all subsequent constitutional amendments. All texts are available in both English and Arabic on DCAF’s Libyan legal database,

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Libya’s Spillover Effect

Libya remains broken and violent. Secular forces made gains against Muslim extremists in Benghazi recently, but the advantage has shifted from side to side since early this year. And two rival governments vying for power amidst a near lawless country with open borders is an ideal setting for the outflow …

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