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Thinni orders stop to all Tripoli-Tobruk flights

Beida premier Abdullah Thinni has ordered the suspension of all Tripoli flights to Tobruk airport following yesterday’s refusal of that airport to allow the landing on a UN plane carrying 29 House of Representatives (HoR) members from the west of the country.

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EU: December 15 is deadline for Tobruk parliament to amend Libya’s political agreement

The European Union (EU) and some other major European countries have set mid-December as a deadline for the Libyan eastern-based parliament to amend the political agreement on ending the country’s political crises, a parliament member said.

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UNSMIL chief suggests “joint tribunals” for Libyan war crimes

The international community should consider joint tribunals to try Libyan war crimes suspects to end the impunity with which individuals are operating UNSMIL chief Ghassan Salamé has told said the UN Security Council.

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International lawyers present ICC with crimes dossier aiming at trying Libya’s strongman Haftar

Human rights lawyers provided evidence Tuesday to the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutors saying that forces loyal to the Libyan strongman in eastern region are responsible for crimes including murder, torture and persecution.

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New initiative by UN envoy is met with strong criticism by members of High Council of State

Abdul-Rahman Shater, a member of the High Council of State, has declared that the proposal to amend articles that refer to executive powers in the Libyan political agreement submitted by the UN envoy Ghassan Salame excludes the High Council of State, noting that the rejection of this new proposal is …

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