Wednesday , 30 September 2020
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Libyan government, parliament enter into standoff

Many Libya experts expected the arrival of Libya’s Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli to trigger violence between militias supporting it and those opposing it, but nothing serious has yet occurred. The government, brokered by the United Nations and headed by Fayez al-Sarraj, has installed itself with minimum trouble. …

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UN blacklists ship carrying east Libyan oil

The United Nations Security Council Libya sanctions committee blacklisted on Wednesday an Indian-flagged tanker carrying crude oil shipped by the Bayda government preventing it from entering any ports.

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Register to the Security Jam 2016 – The Global online brainstorm on security challenges

The Security Jam is a massive global brainstorm to be held entirely online from April 25-28, 2016, for which you can register here. Several thousand participants – civilians and military governments officials, representatives of international organisations, civil society and NGOs, academia, think tanks, the media and the private sector – …

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Military vehicles loaded in Tobruk Port for Haftar forces

A Saudi-owned ship landed in Tobruk port during the last few days; confirmed information revealed it is brought from United Arab Emirate (UAE). The ship was loaded with 600 military vehicles, and more than 50 armored personal carriers, the cargo supposed to arrive in a military camp called Emdad, affiliated …

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US sanctions Ghwell

As expected the US has followed the EU and imposed sanctions on Khalifa Ghwell, the “prime minister” appointed by the General National Congress (GNC). He was sanctioned by the Europeans earlier this month along with GNC president Nuri Abu Sahmain and the president of the House of Representatives, Ageela Saleh, …

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