Sunday , 1 August 2021
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Refugees rejected by Italy were ‘tortured and raped’ by smugglers in Libya

African refugees who were refused entry by Italy had been held by smugglers for up to two years in Libya and many had been beaten, tortured and raped, according to the UN migration agency.

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What are the practical alternatives to Libya’s detention centres?

A few times a week, boats dangerously over-packed with hundreds of scared but hopeful young people leave Libya for Europe. Some of these smuggler-run, barely sea-worthy vessels make it to their destination, predominantly Italy or Spain, where their passengers face uncertainty.

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Italian parliament approves sending 12 patrol vessels to Libyan coastguard

The Italian parliament approved a plan last night to donate a further 12 patrol vessels to the Libyan coastguard to help push back migrants setting sail for Europe. They will join four Italian boats already given to Libya and will be crewed by EU-trained sailors.

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